Having worked in almost every facet of retail furniture, the folks behind the awesome online furniture marketplace, Furniche, started by answering phones and sweeping warehouse floors… eventually running multi-million dollar operations, and a company of 100 plus stores with sales in the hundreds of millions. During their 70 plus years they’ve been involved with 6 of the nation’s top 100 Furniture Retailers, and have worked with and witnessed thousands upon thousands of furniture shoppers as they go through the process of shopping and selecting furniture and home furnishings.

When Furniche was looking for an expert partner in branding, strategy, creative design and web development, they chose 1FEE.

Project Summary

Furniche plays on the word furnish but carries an underlying sense of mystique. Shopping and purchasing new furniture and home furnishings is often a mysterious process for consumers. At Furniche we have been involved in the home furnishings industry for a combined 70 plus years.

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